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Hello! Currently, this is ALL we have online for obituaries.  There are now 6000 obituaries in the Clark County, On-line Obituaries database and the program I am using only holds 6000.  Right now I am trying to figure out a new program to use or cull down duplicates within the database and then insert new obituaries.   These records are here to help you with your research.  There are errors and if you do locate an error or a duplicate, please let us know.

To view Clark County, Ohio Obituaries 

Springfield News-Sun - Part of the website

Dayton, Ohio Obituaries  Part of the website

Clark Co. Public Library Obituary "Daily News" Index - Starts in 1917 as part of the RB Hayes Obituary Index

Littleton and Rue Funeral Home Obituaries  - begins on October 26, 1999

Conroy Funeral Home -

Baker-Hazel Funeral Home Obituaries

Funeralnet online Obituaries

USGenWeb Archives - last updated 2014

Not sure of the name of the Newspaper?  Click Here for a partial listing of names of newspapers. There are a lot more out there....

Here is a bit of Springfield Modern Newspaper History:

According to the Book "20th Century History of Springfield and Clark Counties, Wm. M. Rockel, pub. 1908, pg 440, The "Morning Sun" came into existence in 1894.......It has continued under practically the same management up to the present time <book published 1908>.....It is located immediately south of the West County Building. It was first located on Main Street, East of Spring, afterward occupying the rooms immediately south of where it now is, it has moved into its present location in December 1906. It is an alive and vigorous morning paper and for that reason commands a large country subscription as the paper can be carried in the morning deliveries of the rural Route.

"Springfield Daily News" began publication in 1905 and was a culmination of the "Daily Democrat" and the "Press-Republican" and those newspapers were acquired by Gov. Cox.

The "Springfield News-Sun" was a Sunday paper only until 3 May 1982.  So any papers published before 1982 with that name were Sunday editions only.

Then the "Springfield News-Sun" combined and they continued to publish two editions until 15 April 1985 when it became a morning paper edition only.


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