Class of 1906 Plattsburg High School

Plattsburg High School

1903 - 1930 (with more years to come)

This was one book, published in the late 1950's that spans from from 1903 when Plattsburg High School was established in 1952 when it became an Elementary School and Northeastern High School consolidated Plattsburg, Catawba, and New Moorefield High Schools into one building on Bowman Road, where it is today. Northeastern Local Schools now has two high schools -- Northeastern and Kenton Ridge High School.

This page is dedicated to all those who tirelessly worked to put together the original Plattsburg High School Year Book for the Classes of 1903-1952

Compiled by:  Betsy Earley 1999-2002
Name of Student  Spouse  Occupation  Home  Deceased
Class of 1903        
Katherine Franklin Frank Stewart Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Jessie Goodfellow Gilbert Weaver Homemaker Brooking, SD  
Mabel McMahan Harry King     Deceased
Class of 1904            
Leon Chenoweth Nellie J. Cohagen Teacher S. Charleston, OH  
Beatice Jones O.P. Hause Homemaker R# 6 Springfield, OH  
Juanita McMahan W.D. Sprague Homemaker R#1 S.Charleston,OH  
Anna Porter H.J. Dickerson Homemaker Plattsburg, OH  
Judy Porter Mary Shewalter      
George E. Smith Ella C. Murphy   Columbus, OH  
Chester Stewart        
Fannie Stewart William Orr      
Thomas Stites Catherine T. Boyle   S. Charleston, OH  
Charlotte Walker S.E. Shupp Homemaker    
Clara Walker        
Mary Wilson Pearl Wilson Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Class of 1905            
Stewart Steinmetz  Carrie McCormick        Deceased
Lavina Wilson  Wilber Wilson  Homemaker West Liberty, OH  
Class of 1906        
Glenna Agle  Ray Silver  Homemaker S. Charleston,OH  
Ray Ashenfelter  Grace I. Wilbert  Telegrapher  Donnelsville, OH  
Ada McMahan  Elza Trout  Homemaker Plattsburg, OH  
Lois Morrow        Deceased
Class of 1907        
Pearl Ashenfelter  Harry Engle  Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Jessie Grube  Freeman Campbell  Homemaker Plattsburg, OH  
Ethel Walker    Homemaker Huson, Montana   
Clara Wilson  John Sweet    Urbana, OH  
Class of 1908         
Freeman Campbell  Jessie Grube  Merchant  Plattsburg, OH  
Harry Engle  Pearl Ashenfelter  Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
J. Lynn Gower  Harriet Jones  Farmer Springfield, OH  
R.R. Morrow    Teacher  Cable, OH  
Kyle Neer  Adeline Gordon      Deceased
Mary Shorey Moore  William R.  Homemaker Urbana, OH  
Class of 1909         
Blanche Agle  Harry Atwood  Homemaker Hebron, OH  
Russel Alexander    Postal Inspector  Marion, OH  
Margaret Bennett Loutham      Springfield, OH  
Elliott Goodfellow  Emma Swaidner Farmer Springfield, OH  
Andrew Grube  Adele Taylor    Springfield, OH  
Gaynelle McMahan  Ira Grube  Teacher  Plattsburg, OH  
Marie Neer  Howard Titus  Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Howard Titus  Marie Neer  Auctioneer  S. Charleston, OH  
Ben Willis  Hazel Parkinson  Farmer Bellefontaine, OH  
Homer Chenoweth      Indianapolis, Indiana   
Class of 1910        
Edwin Agle   Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
Raymond Beard Nellie White   East Cleveland, OH  
Nellie J.Cohagen Leon Chenoweth Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Leslie Daniels        Deceased
Mary B. Hannaberry    Teacher  Springfield, OH  
Leona McMahan  Howard Holroyd  Missionary     
Clare North         
Fannie Ryder  Allen Cross  Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Mabel Sharp  Robert Ellsworth  Matron  Worthington, OH  
Philip Slentz        Deceased
Flossie Smith Ropp    Matron  Springfield, OH  
Jessie Trout  George Butler    Springfield, OH  
Helen Willis  Gordon Poland  Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Ross Wilson        Deceased
Class of 1911         
William Hodge      S. Vienna, OH  
John Loney        Deceased
Anna McDonough   Typist  Springfield, OH  
Sarah McDonough    Saleslady  Springfield, OH  
Glenn North Lois Wike   Springfield, OH  
John Schofield  Katherine Davis      
Mary Otstot Sharp   Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Hazel Silver Russel Cessna Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Adloe Willis Arnold W. Sonander Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Clarence Sawyer        
Class of 1912        
Grace Acord Elder Loney   Dayton, OH  
Gladys Chenoweth  J.H. Knepper  Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Harriett Jones  George Harrod  Homemaker Columbus, OH  
Herman Schofield  Marie Metz  Farmer S. Charleston, OH  
Maude Smith  Clark Silver      Deceased
Esther Sultzbaugh  Charles Merritt  Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Hazel Thomas Clinton Shook Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Mary Weaver Perry Jones Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Weltha Wilson Ora Thompson Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Class of 1913        
George Agle Florence Hodge Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
Esther Chenoweth William Stearwalt Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Frank Cohagen Sylvia Sellers Cabinet Maker Port William, OH  
Nell Hawkins Harry Turvy Homemaker London, OH  
Ilo Jones Charles Brosey Homemaker Medway, OH  
Bruce McMahan Elizabeth Griffin   Springfield, OH  
George Neer Thelma Tingley Farmer St. Paris, OH  
Lucille Neer       Deceased
Paul Neer Grace Briggs     Deceased
Henry Sharp   Salesman Springfield, OH  
Sina Sweet Wilbert Shaffer Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Class of 1914        
Anna Acord James Houk Homemaker Galloway, OH  
Clara Agle Roy Ireland Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Paul Beard       Deceased
Chester Davy Opal Delaney Foreman S. Vienna, OH  
Charles Eagen Lelia Hewitt Letter Carrier Springfield, OH  
Annette Franklin Guy Moffett Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Clarence Harrison Bessie Martin     Deceased
Ethel Madder       Deceased
Maud Mahoney Howard Deck Homemaker London, OH  
Mary Mitch   Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Winifred McMahan Mildred Ervin   Fairborn, OH  
John W. Sharp Martha Mays   Columbus, OH  
Chandler Sweet Rhea Ervin Probation Officer Springfield, OH  
Almetha Wilson Raymond McCelland Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Class of 1915        
Gertrude Acord Porter   Homemaker Trotwood, OH  
Esther Burns     Columbus, OH  
Blanche Cave Scott Yeazell Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Frank Doyle        
Rhea Ervin Chandler Sweet Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Martha Hayes John Sharp Homemaker Columbus, OH  
Dewitt Hunter   Linotype Operator Columbus, OH  
Ruth Pemberton       Deceased
Irene Weaver Kenneth Jones Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Class of 1916        
Nettie Agle   Teacher S. Vienna, OH  
Ruth Canady        
Malcome Davey Edna Jackson     Deceased
Estyl Marsh James Stumbaugh Beautician El Cajon, Calif.  
Marie McMahan William Troxell Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Oletha Morningstar Ward Flax Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Melville Snodgrass Nellie Dacksteiner Broker Springfield, OH  
Herschel Yeazell Miriam Yeazell     Deceased
Class of 1917        
Henry Cross        
George Dever Mae Kimball      
James Oaka Dillard Virginia Harshman Contactor Springfield, OH  
Esther Ervin       Deceased
Nina Franklin       Deceased
Helen Hartranft Ula Adams Homemaker Akron, OH  
Katie McClenen Chester Kitchen Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Myrtle Marsh Arthur Aleshire Teacher Springfield, OH  
Dorothea Myers Ralph N. Agle Homemaker Jeffersonville, OH  
Ellie J. Nichelson Palmer Meredity Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Warder Page       Deceased
Border Stoll Lou Amour Banker Springfield, OH  
Margaret Waldeck Pearl Wright      
Philip S. Waldeck     Columbus, OH  
Starling Wright Isle Lloyd      
Class of 1918        
Mary Agle       Deceased
Robert Clark   Postmaster S. Vienna, OH  
Marie Frazier Olinger Ralph Olinger     Deceased
Robert Jones        
Roger Jones       Deceased
LeRoy Keye Elsie Tingley Farmer London, OH  
Wendell Layrock        
Ruth McMahan Dr. Henry Gardner Homemaker Detroit, Michigan  
Loren Tavenner Helen Cole Accountant    
Thelma Tingley George Neer Homemaker St. Paris, OH  
Paul Wilson Marcelyn Jones Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
Isle Wright Rev. Floyd Shoemaker   Dayton, OH  
Mary Yoeman Lindemuth   Homemaker Fairborn, OH  
Class of 1919        
Ralph Baldwin       Deceased
Jessie Beals       Deceased
Mabel Clark William Wigmore   Troy, OH  
Gladys Cross William Wilson Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Johanna Dillard Fred Knoff Homemaker West Liberty, OH  
Luther Dillard   Farmer London, OH  
John Hankel        
Myrtle Harrison Frank Ford      
John Hennigan Margaret Powers   Springfield, OH  
Floyd Neff        
Vivian Nida Frank Harshbarger Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Dollie McClenen James Cullen Homemaker Indianapolis, IN  
Alice McDonald Alfred Woods Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Robert S. Patterson        
Edwin Sharp   Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
Edna Slagle   Stenographer Columbus, OH  
Beatrice Williams       Deceased
Harrison Wilson   Farmer S. Charleston, OH  
Helen Wilson Alpha Eyman Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Helen M. Wilson   Homemaker S. Charleston,OH  
Grace Yeoman Floyd Mitch Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Class of 1920        
Edna Barnhart F.Ray Rice Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Russell Barnhart   Clerk Plattsburg, OH  
Lucy Calloway       Deceased
Mildred Clark L.V. Harvey Homemaker Pasadena, CA  
Hazel Davey Mark Smith Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Mildred Ervin C. Winifred McMahan Homemaker Fairborn, OH  
Lamar Farish Nellie Kaufman Painter Springfield, OH  
Mabel Jones Marvin Ingling Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Sherl Jones       Deceased
Jennie Miller Hopkins Orville Hopkins Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Marie Sharp   Supervison S. Vienna, OH  
Elsie Tingley LeRoy Keye Homemaker London, OH  
Lloyd Wright Helen Leath      
Class of 1921        
Fannie Agle Gerald Thompson Homemaker Selma, OH  
Thomas E. Dorsey   Edith Kelly Columbus, OH  
Hugh Golden   Federal Employee Memphis, Tenn.  
Dorothy Lightle Fred Miller Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Marjorie Ray        
Frances Sheets        
Eleanor Shipley Lloyd Mills      
Viola Williams Carl C. Bowser Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Paul Vollmer Mary E. Waldron      
Class of 1922        
Jesse Arbogast Bernice O’Brient Farmer S. Vienna, OH  
Raymond Arbogast Hilda Schneider   Springfield, OH  
Maurice Coe Bernice Chrislenson      
Earl C. Evans Marjorie Clark   Springfield, OH  
Marvin Ingling Mabel Jones Diesel Serviceman Springfield, OH  
Marcelyn Jones Paul Wilson Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Joseph King Mary E. Tumbleson      
Marie Kirkham Brooks Skinner Homemaker Fairborn, OH  
Dora Mitch Harland Yeazell Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Max L. Price Margaret Cullen   West Liberty, OH  
John Simmons        
Carmen Stewart J.T. Davidson     Deceased
Rupert Tarbullan Margaret Tiffany Electrician Springfield, OH  
Class of 1923        
Hazel Barnhart Edgar Teach Homemaker S. Charleston, OH  
Frances Cartee Harold Callison Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Leore Clark        
Mary Davis Stewart Anderson      
Hinton Dillard Bernice Severs Farmer Springfield, OH  
Helen Farish Wilson E.Sheets Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Richard Farish Dorothy Linville Contractor Springfield, OH  
William Golden   Mechanic Springfield, OH  
Marion J. Huzer Esther McConkey      
Troxell Laybourne Mary Keifer   London, OH  
Thelma Loveless Paul W. Mitch Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Cecil Neff Evelyn Rathburn   Springfield, OH  
Palmer Ray     S. Vienna, OH  
Jesse Stewart Louise Canning   Bedford, OH  
Lacey Stinson Doris M. Howell Farmer Urbana, OH  
Frank Tippie   Salesman Dayton, OH  
Class of 1924        
Florence Cartee Harold Chapman   Springfield, OH  
Katherine Dorsey        
Edith Glover Lewis        
George Ingling Thelma Chaffin Mortician S. Charleston, OH  
Dorothy Linville Richard Farish Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Eva March Ben Garrett   Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
Sylvia Miller J.L. Stanton Homemaker Marysville, OH  
Gerald McCann Salesman      
Geneva Nida Ricker     Dayton, OH  
Caleb Odborn       Deceased
William Sharp     Springfield, OH  
Henry Sheets     Fairborn, OH  
Ruth Slagle McCarthy   Secretary Columbus, OH  
Marion Stewart Robert McDonald      
Herbert Smith        
Lucille Tavenner Miller Forest Miller Homemaker S. Vienna, OH  
Harold Williams   Salesman Springfield, OH  
Myron Woods Stella Ryder   Natl. City, Ca.  

Name of Student Spouse Occupation Home Deceased
Class of 1925        
Lowell Baldwin Ruth Talbott   S.Charleston, OH  
Stanley Bennett     Dayton, OH  
Virginia Brubaker Fay Tooker   Mechanicsburg, OH
Leonard Craig        
J. Frederick Doyle, M.D. Edna Schultz   South Vienna, OH  
Harold Ervin Ada Farish   Springfield, OH  
Lois Evans Hupman     Springfield, OH  
Dorothy Foley Vernon Smith   Springfield, OH  
Theodore Franklin Elizabeth Laybourne   Plattsburg, OH  
Irene Goodyear Ralph Shoemaker   S. Charleston, OH  
Roger Goodfellow Eloise Brubaker   Springfield, OH  
Claude Hathaway Juanita Frazier   Columbus, OH  
Byron Heizer       Deceased
Newell King Ada Ziegler   Elyria, OH  
Elizabeth Laybourne Theodore Franklin   Plattsburg, OH  
Bernard Mitch Martha Ottenfeld   Springfield, OH  
Pauline McMahan Dave Long   Plattsburg, OH  
Robert Rogers Charlotte Wilson   New Castle, Ind.  
Charles Sharp Pauline Parker   S. Charleston, OH  
Leon Slagle       Deceased
Charlotte Wilson Robert Rogers   New Castle, Ind.  
Gladys Yeoman Pell George Pell   Springfield, OH  
Margaret Tope     Springfield, OH  
Class of 1926        
Dorothy Bell John Osborn   Springfield, OH  
Marjorie Clark Earl E. Evans   Springfield, OH  
Lawrence Drum Viva E. Pence   Springfield, OH  
Ada Louise Farish Harold Ervin   Springfield, OH  
Grace Frazier Goff     Circleville, OH  
Edwin H. Goodfellow     Grand Rapids, Mich.  
Florence Hayes Thomas Morris   South Vienna, OH  
Marie Holland George MacNamara   Dayton, OH  
Elpha J. Kame James B. Smith   Fort Wayne, Ind.  
Bernard Kirkham     Springfield, OH  
Cecil Mitchell     Springfield, OH  
Kate S. Morgan Kisor S. L. Kisor   Wellston, OH  
Robert McDonald     Bellefontaine, OH  
Geraldine Neff Paxon Howard F. Paxon   Fairborn, OH  
Stella Ryder Woods Myron Woods   Chula Vista, Cal.  
Clarence J. Shook     West Jefferson, OH  
Pauline Stabler Wayne Day   Phoenix, Arizona  
Iris Staton Hugh Dean   San Morengo, Calif.  
Elizabeth Smith     Springfield, OH  
Dorothy Stickney Fitzgivens     Urbana, OH  
Carl Tooker     S. Charleston, OH  
Helen Wilson Robert Severs   Springfield, OH  
Oscar R. Woods     Urbana, OH  
Ruth Wright George Salsinger   Columbus, OH  
Class of 1927        
Frederick Barnhart   Truck Driver Springfield, OH  
Kenneth Combs   Accountant Springfield, OH  
Paul Glover        
Oladelle Goodfellow Robert Seitz Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Leonard Gordon Helen Minnich Serviceman Akron, OH  
Doris Hodge George Schwartz Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Daisy Irons Walter Morris Homemaker South Vienna, OH  
Howard Kirkham Phyllis Michael Bookkeeper Springfield, OH  
Esther Laybourne Millard Weller Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Lucille Mitch Robert Kennedy Homemaker Mechanicsburg, OH  
John Morgan        
Walter Morris Daisy Irons Printing South Vienna, OH  
Jean Myers       Deceased
Myers McDonald Margaret Williams Minister DeGraff, OH  
John Osborn Dorothy Bell Draftsman Springfield, OH  
Dorothy Peppers Titus Tom Titus Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Eva Sanders Kasad Clifford Kasad Homemaker Orange, Calif.  
Howard Scott   Farmer Springfield, OH  
Mary Sheets Longo Anthony Longo Homemaker South Vienna, OH  
Byron Steimetz   Second Hand Dealer Springfield, OH  
John Steward Dorothy Cox Mechanic Springfield, OH  
Madge Stewart George Pinkerman Teacher S. Charleston, OH  
Allen Stinson Catherine Stewart Electrician Springfield, OH  
Margaret Williams Myers McDonald  Homemaker DeGraff, OH  
? Myron or Myers        
Edna Wilson Towler Carl Towler Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Class of 1928        
Louise Beard Paul Snapp   Springfield, OH  
Mildred Breedlove Everett Stites   Springfield, OH  
Helen Canter     Shelbyville, KY  
Jay H. Clark       Deceased
John H. Getz Ruth Tuttle   Springfield, OH  
Stella Kirby Donald Trump   Williamsport, OH  
Virgil H. Kirkham Dorothy Schneider      
William B. Lafferty Mildred Kyle   Springfield, OH  
Naomi Linville Harlan Talbot   Long Island, NY  
Houston Loveless Laura Clark   S. Charleston, OH  
Hazel Monroe James Good   Dayton, OH  
Lucille Queen R.H. Shannon   Piqua, OH  
Gladys Robison Harry Lippencott   Urbana, OH  
Everett G. Stites Mildred Breedlove   Springfield, OH  
Evelyn Wilson Youngs Kenneth Youngs   Urbana, OH  
Louise Wilson     Springfield, OH  
Class of 1929        
Opal Monroe Mullikin L.C. Mullikin   S. Charleston, OH  
Lena Troehler Keplinger     Cleveland, OH  
Marie Sheerin Floyd Shoemaker   S. Charleston, OH  
Marshall Frock Norma Gableman   Washington C. H. OH.  
Agnes Davis Robert Jung   Indianapolis, Ind.  
Garnet Clark Frank Otstot   Springfield, OH  
Rosalie Hayes James Flint   Springfield, OH  
Mary K. Poland Anderson     Springfield, OH  
Dorothy Woodhouse Everett Farris   Springfield, OH  
Doris Roach Jack Coen   Milan, Michigan  
John Laybourne     Clayton, OH  
Jane Gaither Donald Cornwell   South Vienna, OH  
Margaret Lavender Melvin Kelso   Mason, OH  
Mary Woods Roland Baird   South Vienna, OH  
Ruth Sheets Roland Rankin     Deceased
Wallace Jones     Itasca, Illinois  
Eloise Brubaker Roger Goodfellow   Springfield, OH  
Scott Goodfellow Jeanne Beard   Springfield, OH  
Raymond Wilson Garnet Picklesimer   S. Charleston, OH  
Iva Glover Craig Lester Craig   Dayton, OH  
Julia Jackson Harold Carter   Wilmington, OH  
Audrey Lightle Howard Neese   Springfield, OH  
Edith Simpson Lee E. Stanford   S. Charleston, OH  
Hugh Smith Martha Clever   South Vienna, OH  
Class of 1930        
Ruth Beady Edward Stites Homemaker Mentor, OH  
Martin Clark Helen Waterman   Springfield, OH  
Paul Combs   Press Operator Springfield, OH  
Leonard Dyer        
Adeline Eutsler Russel Rupert Homemaker Urbana, OH  
Roger Hawkins Mary Silver Farmer S. Charleston, OH  
Eileen Holland   Teacher South Vienna, OH  
Edward L. King        
Mary E. Kirkham Earl Skillings Homemaker Springfield, OH  
Charles Lute   Bus Driver Springfield, OH  
Wilma Mitch     Springfield, OH  
Helen Pence       Deceased
Marcia Queen Maurice Freeman Teacher Portland, Oregon  
Belva Rittenhouse Donald Lannon Homemaker Springfield, OH  
William Scott   Press Operator Springfield, OH  
Robert Sheerin     Hamilton, OH  
Curtis O. Steele Francis Schletterbeck   Columbus, OH  
Grace Stickney        
Carl Talbott   Farmer South Vienna, OH  
Helen Tingley Roger Neff   South Vienna, OH  
Jennie Tingley        
Alice Wilson Earl Gray Homemaker Springfield, OH
Class of 1931  
Harry Britton     Urbana, Ohio  
Lowell Canter     Springfield, Ohio  
Carl Carter       Deceased
Martha Clark John Evans   Springfield, Ohio  
William Cooney     Tampa, Florida  
Beatrice Downey Roger Myers   Springfield, Ohio  
Rowena Fullen       Deceased
Arthur Hickman     Ossian, Indiana  
Mary Jones R. Border   San Gabriel, California  
Robert Linville   Colonel Carlisle, Penn.  
Clifford Long Luella   South Charleston, Ohio  
Marie Monroe ? Rauchiar      
Fred Saenger     Columbus, Ohio  
Wilbert Sanders     Springfield, Ohio  
Isabel Steele Otto Frings   Tipp City, Ohio  
Robert Stickney     Springfield, Ohio  
Louise Stabler Robert N. Theim   Springfield, Ohio  
Wanda Teach Donald Blaney   Cincinnati, Ohio  
Weldon Wilson     Springfield, Ohio  
John Wolf     Springfield, Ohio  
Enid Norris Harry Williams   South Charleston, Ohio  
Mary Saenger Wm.C. Knapp, Jr.   Long Island, N.Y.  
Elizabeth Bell Hayes Scott   South Vienna, Ohio  
Class of 1932
Isabelle Butler H.F. Faber   Springfield, Ohio  
Ruth Clark Mark Vollmer   Plattsburg, Ohio  
Julia Clark Willis Whitfield   Miami Beach, Florida  
Doris Corbin Ray Cox   Springfield, Ohio  
Donald Cochrun Eloise Jones     Deceased
Jasper Davey Annabelle Powell   South Vienna, Ohio  
Marian Frock Walter Cook, Jr.   Springfield, Ohio  
Louise Holland Bruce Geller   Dayton, Ohio  
Martha Kirkham C. P. Baughman   South Charleston, Ohio  
Clark Lawrence Martha Stifel   San Jose, Calif.  
Catherine Long Warren Brubaker   Medway, Ohio  
Dorothy Mitchell Anson Hull   Springfield, Ohio  
William McManamay Leona Streitenberger   Springfield, Ohio  
Edmund Queen Mary J. Anderson   Barberton, Ohio  
Pauline Schilling Richard McKenzie   South Solon, Ohio  
William Severs Mary Speakman   Springfield, Ohio  
Leonard Sherrin Geneva Mallett   Springfield, Ohio  
Everett Truman Martha Kohl   Springfield, Ohio  
Harold Yake Thelma Jones   Springfield, Ohio  


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