Annual Commencement Program of the North Moorefield High School

Leonard Adkins

Lewis Allender

Marilyn Arthur

Patricia Blosser

Carl Bostic

Don Engle

R. J. Flory

Clara Gebauer

Mary Grube

Elwood Grumbley

David Hupman

Joana Knotts

Edward Judy

Mary Lytle

Everett Morris

Thorlea Phipps

Ronald Rebbin

Jack Roberts

Ronald Sharp

Jack Sheerin

Faculty: Mrs. Henry McDevitt, Glaga Brown, R. W. Taylor, Herbert Bonner, E. M. Ballentine, James Rutherford,. Principal: A. L. Hutchens 

This was the last class to graduate from New Moorefield High School. I believe the district merged with Northeastern.

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