Clark County, Ohio

Deaths for the year 1867
Prepared by Sara J. Greer

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Some deaths were reported repeatedly, and with varying degrees of accuracy.
Decedent Death Date Age Race Additonal Information
Anglebarger, Mary ??/??/1867 76y27d WH b. MD; died Miami Co.;dropsy
Angleberger, Mary 09/06/1867 ? WH widow; from Miami Co.; Bright's disease
Arbogast, Elis Rose 11/10/1867 2y8m10d WH croup
Arbogast, Elizabeth 07/14/1867 70y2m7d WH dau/Dan'l & Nancy Hullinger;b.WV
Arbogast, Russ 11/11/1867 2y7m16d WH croup
Bach, Peter 03/15/1868 41y10m25d WH son/Christian & Catharine; b. Germany
Barnett, Lavina C. 09/08/1867 59y3m13d WH widow; b. Ross Co; consumption
Beach, James David 09/06/1867 17y7d WH clerk; intermittent & congestive chill
Biggins, Patrick 09/15/1867 1y6m17d WH son/Owen & Katharine; diphtheria
Bixler, Jane 08/18/1867 65y WH brain congestion
Bowman, Jacob 10/17/1867 9y WH son/Joseph; diphtheria
Bowman, Joseph 10/20/1867 2y WH son/Joseph; croup
Bradly, William 08/09/1867 4m15d WH
Brenger, Elizabeth 10/04/1867 30y9m17d WH b. MD; dropsy
Brenizer, Elizabeth 10/04/1867 30y9m17d WH b. MD; dropsey
Brian, Samuel 08/31/1867 39y11m12d WH farmer; married
Brown, George 08/??/1867 14m WH son of Geo. Brown; brain inflammation
Brubaker, John Henry 11/13/1867 9y7m3d WH
Buckels, Elizabeth 11/19/1867 68y WH b. Russia(?); consumption
Capron, Eddie 09/15/1867 4y WH son of E.P.H. & Elizabeth; diphtheria
Carter, Clinton E. 08/09/1867 2y2m10d WH son of J. Carter; meningitis
Chalfant, Hannah 08/23/1867 84y3m7d WH b. PA; diarrhea
Clark, Emily L. 09/13/1867 2y8m25d WH brain congestion
Clark, Thomas 08/03/1867 1y6m4d WH son/Thos. & Bridget; brain inflammation
Clenan, Sarah Crane 10/02/1867 70y4m10d WH dyspepsia; b. Dauphin Co. PA
Coffin, Grace 09/02/1867 1y WH dau/Elijah G. & Mary; cholera
Collins, David 10/06/1867 68y WH b. VA; farmer; widower
Colt, Elizabeth 07/30/1867 1y10d WH dau/Jacob & Barbara; cholera
Copes, Jonathan 11/11/1867 unrecorded WH married; day laborer; dropsy
Cox, William 08/13/1867 1y1m20d WH son/Michael & Winnifred; brain congestion
Craig, Eliza (Mrs.) 08/08/1867 32 WH dau of John Hawkins; consumption
Dillahunt, John 08/20/1867 2y9m28d WH son of Lewis & Eliza; cause unknown
Eberhart, Joshua H. 10/07/1867 7m24d WH son/Richard & Mary Elizabeth; cholera
Flath, Louisa 12/27/1867 5y4m15d WH dau/Peter & Elizabeth; croup
Flutch, Louisa 12/27/1867 5y WH croup
Foley, infant 10/08/1867 8d WH child/Fred & Elizabeth; perforated
Foltz, Dellie Shindle 08/24/1867 2y11m11d WH dau/Barnett & Sophia; b. IL
Geer, Jno. James (Rev.) 08/23/1867 34y2m23d WH b. Rockbridge Co. VA; married; co
Gleason, _______ ??/??/1867 1y9m WH child of Wm. Gleason
Greene, Anna 09/26/1867 45y6m2d WH b. England; typhoid fever
Grube, Anna Maria 03/23/1868 29y4m23d WH dau/Philip P & Eliz. Wilch; childbed
Grube, Mary 12/22/1867 43y WH farmer's wife; milk sickness
Guiliford, Emma J. 08/26/1867 10d CO peritonitis
Hackley, Gabriel 09/04/1867 39y11m20d CO b. VA; farmer; brain inflammation
Hales, Charles 09/23/1867 39y WH son/W.W.; shoemaker; b. VA
Hammen, Anna M. 12/31/1867 7y20d WH dau/John & Maria; diphtheria
Hayward, David 07/22/1867 64 WH b. NJ; married: farmer; consumption
Heil, Elizabeth 11/17/1867 9m16d WH dau/John & Elizabeth; diphtheria
Heil, Margaret B. 11/21/1867 4y1m10d WH dau/John & Elizabeth; diphtheria
Hill, John 11/17/1867 10m WH son/John & Mary; croup
Hill, Maggie 11/21/1867 4y6m WH dau/John & Mary; scrofulous debili
Hill, male child 08/??/1867 11m WH son of George Hill; cholera
House, Lemuel W. 07/26/1867 28y8m19d WH son/Samuel & Nancy; farmer; consumption
Kalt, Eliza 07/31/1867 2y11d WH dau/Jochin & Barbara
Kilgore, Ellen 08/08/1867 ?? WH b. PA; cancer
Kilgore, Ellen 08/08/1867 unknown WH b.PA; housewife; cancer
Kimbal, George 10/19/1867 13m WH son/George & Jane
Lacy, James 08/16/1867 67y WH son/Edward & Mary; b. Clair Co. IR
Lemon, John 11/13/1867 28y9m29d WH son/George & Mary Ann
Levy, infant 12/27/1867 4m WH pneumonia
Lohner, John 09/09/1867 ? WH
Lott, infant 07/16/1867 stillborn WH child of Jacob
Loves, John Henry 09/08/1867 3y7m26d WH son/John Jr. & Mary; cancer
Lower, Henry 09/28/1867 16y WH dau/Wm. & Hannah; laborer; enteritis
Lyons, Johny 10/23/1867 unrecorded WH dau/Dan'l & Catharine; rheumatism
Mayall, James 07/09/1867 57y2m WH b. England; married; weaver
Mayall, John 07/10/1867 64y WH son/W.W.; weaver; b. England
McCree, Ann 08/19/1867 40y CO b. VA; consumption
McDowell, Elizabeth 09/07/1867 1y2y20d ?? diarrhea
Metz, Ellmer ??/??/1867 8m WH cholera
Metz, Elmer 08/22/1867 11m15d WH cholera
Miller, Ida Jane 07/30/1867 2m14d WH enteritis
Neal, James F. 12/01/1867 57y4m15d WH b. PA; farmer: murdered?
O'Brien, Mary 08/14/1867 11m14d WH dau/Alex & Bridget; whooping cough
Phillips, Sumner 07/07/1867 11m7d WH dau/Henry & Caroline M.; cholera
Phillips, Sumner W. 08/??/1867 1 WH son of S.H. Phillips; cholera infanta
Potter, Pulaski 12/08/1867 30y WH clerk
Ray, Charles 07/12/1867 1y9m22d WH son/William & Jennie; brain congestion
Reef, ______ 09/23/1867 1y WH son/Gideon; cholera
Reef, Leander 10/??/1867 3m21d WH
Rhonemus, Wm. Clark 10/08/1867 25y7m11d WH b. Cass Co. IN; laborer; consumption
Rickman, Louella 09/18/1867 2m25d ?? diarrhea
Ridgeley, Samuel Lee 08/??/1867 1y4m WH son of Josiah T & Elizabeth; croup
Ridgely, Willie 08/18/1867 2y WH son of J.L. Ridgely; croup
Schisler, _______ 12/13/1867 2y WH child/Frederick; diphtheria
Shadel, Irena 08/28/1867 48y6m24d ?? seamstress; married; brain congestion
Shannon, Bridget 12/28/1867 8d WH pneumonia
Shaul, Irena (?) 08/28/1867 48y6m23d WH dau/Charles & Susan Bradford
Sigler, Lettie Kate 09/24/1867 6m4d WH dau Barnett & Sophia E.; b. IL
Sigler, Nettie Kate 09/24/1867 6m3d WH dau/Samuel & Luffice; brain congestion
Soller, Harriet B. 12/23/1867 2y1m4d WH dau/Wm. & Mary E.; diphtheria
Tuttle, Leon R. 09/15/1867 47y WH dropsy
Walker, Jesse Temple 12/01/1867 24y3m20d WH harnessmaker
Wallace, Elener 07/05/1867 10m18d WH dau/Thos. & Mary Ann; cholera
Warren, John 11/02/1867 unreported WH carriage framer; consumption
Weimer, George Edward 09/18/1867 10m24d WH son/ Jacob & Christina; cholera
Wilson, (twins) 11/28/1867 stillborn WH children/Richard & Sarah
Winger, Margaret 10/03/1867 53y WH b. Lancaster Co. PA; liver disease
Zischler, Edward F. 12/14/1867 1y26d WH son/Frederick & Catharine; diphtheria


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