SHAUL, SARAH ANN (submitted by Virginia Gorton Bonne)

Estate papers, no will. [Sarah Ann Shaul is the widow of Matthew Shaul. In his will, dated 20 Mar 1851, he referred to her as "my Beloved wife Salley Ann Shaul." The following papers, with some handwriting nearly impossible to interpret, are in her estate filed in Clark Co. OH after her death on 2 Sep 1854. Lemuel Shaul (c1814-1894) was a son of Matthew Shaul and his first wife, Mary (Botkin) Shaul. Rosena Shaul (1834-aft 1909) was a daughter of Matthew Shaul and 2nd wife, Sarah Ann (Shahan) Shaul. At the time of Sarah's death her two unnamed minor children were William Newton Shaul, born 6 Apr 1836, and Cinderella M. Shaul, born 8 Apr 1840. Sarah Ann, was known as Sally Ann; corrections to her given name appear frequently in the following documents. vgb]

19 Sep 1854: [This is a pre-printed form with blanks filled in by hand.] Know all men by these presents, That we Lemuel Shaul and William Woodward of Clark County Ohio and James M Kirkley of Madison county, Ohio, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Ohio, in the penal sum of eight hundred dollars, to the payment of which well and truly to be made, we jointly and severally bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, by these presents; sealed with our seals and dated this 19th day of September-A. D. 1854.

The Condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above named Lemuel Shaul has, by the COURT OF Probate of Clark county aforesaid, been appointed administrator of the Estate of Sarah Ann Shaul---late of said Clark county, deceased. Now if the said administrator shall make and return into Court, upon oath, within three months, a true inventory of all the Moneys, Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, or said decedent, which have or shall come to his possession or knowledge, and also, if required by the Court, an inventory of the Real Estate of the decedent: if he shall administer according to law, all the Moneys, Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said decedent, and the proceeds of all her Real Estate that may be sold for the payment of her debts, which shall at any time come to the possession of the administrator or to the possession of any person for him: if he shall render, upon oath, a true account of his administration within eighteen months, and at any other times when required by the Court or law, pay the balance remaining in his hands upon the settlement of his accounts to such persons as the Court or the law shall direct, and deliver the letters of administration into Court in case any will of the decedent shall be hereafter duly proved and allowed: then the above obligation to be void, else to be and remain in full force and virtue.


IN PRESENCE OF William Woodward

J. S. Halsey Jas. M. Kirkley


[The following pieces of paper are all handwritten and many difficult to read. Signatures appear to be different and probably original. Spelling is left as written; pages are numbered by extractor. vgb]

1. [The first covers medical bills owed by the "Widow Shaul." Charges include "visits, pills, spts Netr (Spirits Nectar?) and Potass." The visits and medications ranged from 21 Oct 1852 to 21 Jul 1853 and totaled $4.40 (including probate fee of 15 cents). vgb]

The State of Ohio Clark County}

Before me John W. Misar? a Justice of the peace in and for said County personally appeared the above named J. B. Single and made solom oath that the above account was true and that thare was Justly due him from the Estate of Salley A. Shaul Dect. (deceased) the sum of four Dollars twenty five cents and that thare are no offsets? or Recepts against the same to the best of his knowledge and behaf J. B. Single

Sworn to and subscribed before one this 11th _____ Jas Wilkison, J.P.


2. __-1902 Inventory of the Estate of Sally Ann Shawl decd Recorded Vol 1, Page 110 Filed Dec 21, 1854 J__ Halsey Judge.

State of Ohio, Clark County

Lemuel Shaul administrator of the estate of Sally Ann Shaul deceased, makes Solemn oath that the foregoing inventory of said estate is in all respects just and true, and contains a true statement of all the estate and property of the deceased , and all just claims against the affiant or other persons, according to the best of his knowledge

Sworn and subscribed before me Lemuel Shaul

Dec. 21, 1854 J__ Halsey


3. The deceased having left two minor children we set off to them the following property without appraising The same as directed by the estate.

2 Beds and Bedding at $30.00
One lot of wool________ 12.50
_____________ 15.00
One ___ corn in the field 32.60
1 patch of Potatoes 5.00
10 head of Hogs 22.00
                             Total $117.10

Daniel McConkey? Mahlon _______ Michael Wiet


4. We the undersigned appraisers of the estate and property of Sarah Ann Shaul deceased after being duly sworn made an inventory thereof as follows 1854
[first line unreadable]       7.00
17 Crocks       2.30
12 Chairs       1.50
1 block Andirons & sieve       2.85
2 Bureaus       4.00
1 Trunk thread Bed & Bedding       5.00
9 Barrel & Tubs hoe and auger       3.00
1 Spinning Wheel         .50
1 Axe, Kettle, Iron wedge __       5.00
1 Stand of Trees       2.00
1 Side Saddle       1.00
25 Ducks       3.25
43 Geese       4.30
7 Turkeys       1.75
50 Hens       4.00
1 Wheat ___ & 1/2 Bushel       5.00
20 Dozen Oats in the sheaf (uncuted by P. Judjs, being amt of Sale)       5.20
1 Bed & Bedding       6.00
6 Hogs     18.00
2 Stacks of Hay     10.00
1 Yearling Heifer     15.00
1 Cow     25.00
1 Mare     75.00
1 Yearling Colt     60.00
6 Sheep       9.00
26 Sheep     25.00
2 Calves       8.00
[Total as written and brought forward. vgb] $316.10
2 Calves No. 1     14.00
Hay in the Mow     15.00
Total $345.10

There was no Money on hand and but one note of hand it being on John McMannaway calling for sixteen dollars due september 1st 1854

Mahlon ______    Daniel McConkey     Michael Wiet


5. The State of Ohio, Clark County

I, Lemuel Shaul Administrator of the estate of Sally Ann Shaul deceased makes oath that the note of John McManamy the sum of $16.00 returned in the appraisment of said estate, and with which I am charged in this account is uncollectable by any legal process, the said McManamy having no means whatever personally or real by which the same can be made ____ to him the property exempt by law for execution which will more than cover all his property and that the amount of seven Dollars which affiant got out of him was obtained by getting him to cry the sale of the deceased & of another estate on his account & then giving him credit on said note--and this affiant is confident that any attempt to coerce payment by legal means would only create costs which the estate would have to pay, without realizing any thing from him. This affiant therefor claims a credit for the sum of nine dollars the balance of said note which is uncollectable.

Sworn & subscribing before me this 30 day of Dec 1856 Lemuel Shaul

J. L. Torbert P. J. [Probate Judge]


6. Lemuel Shaul Adm. of Sally Sarah Ann Shaul deceased in accoun___ with said estate
To amt of Sale Bill as per same on file $324.00
To amt of note returned in Inventory of Jno. McMannamy     16.00
Contra Cr   340.00

By amt paid J. S. Halsey per J. L. Torbert   #1 1.27
By amt pd do do [ditto] #2 3.13 1/2
By amt pd Ths Tuttle #3 6.00
By amt pd Clerk of ____ #4 1.50
By amt pd Jas Spagen Medicl attenden #5 12.00
By amt pd Andrew Appilgate? #6 5.70
By amt pd S. B. Williams Treau? #7 19.89
By amt pd William Woodward #8 6.07
By amt pd J. B. Lingle #9 4.40
By amt paid Wm Anderson #10 5.72
By amt paid H. L. Runyan #11 3.00
By amt paid W. Wiet #12 1.00
By amt paid Jas Wilkinson #13 6.00
By amt paid Jas? M. Hawter_not #14 68.38
By amt paid probate Judge #15 2.47
Jno McMannany to balance
By amt on note charges in Monetary uncollectable #16 9.10
By ______________ ______ 22.96

178.49 1/2

Bal in hand $161.50 1/2 340.00

The State of Ohio Clark Co

I Lemuel Shaul Administrator of Sally Sarah Ann Shaul dec'd make solemn oath that the above account curent? is just and true & presents a correct account of said estate as I verily believe Sworn to & subscribed before me this 30 Dec 1854 Lemuel Shaul

J. L. Torbert Probate Judge

#6. State of Ohio Clark County

Personally appeared before the court came Rosena Shaul who on oath says that she has a knowledge of the account of Jn. Wilkinson $6.00 & that the same is correct & that the same was unpaid at the time of the deceased of Sally Ann Shaul-Also that the account of H. L Runyan of $3.00 is just & was unpaid at the deceased of Sally Ann Shaul dec'd-Also that the account of Wm Anderson against said Sarah Ann Shall dec'd is correct & was unpaid at the time of her decease. Also that the account of William Woodward of $6.07 is a just account against said estate & was unpaid at the time of the decease of the said Sally Ann Shaul dec'd--and that then were no sett off against ___ of said accounts _____that the respective accounts were presently due at the time of the decrease of said Sally Ann Shaul

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 30 Dec 1854 Rosena Shaul
J. L. Torbert P. Judge

#7. [This is a printed tax receipt with blanks filled by hand. vgb]
Treasurer's Office, Clark County, O. Nov 27 1855
Received of Matthew Shaul, Heirs
Tax on the following Property, for the year 1885 $ Cents M[mills?]
46 acres of Land in Entry No. 833 Mad_____ 7.94.8
53 13234 same 7.04.1
20 12950 same 2.66.5
Delinquent Tax 1854 on the above 19.87.8
S. B. Williams Tr [treasurer]