SHAUL, MATTHEW (submitted by Virginia Gorton Bonne)

[Clerk's creative spelling is as written. Matthew apparently could write his name because no "X" appears for his signature. His children Amanda, Emma O.and William M. were deaf from birth and thus probably received special attention in this will. vgb]

Clark County, Ohio, Common Pleas Court, Probate Division
Will dated 20 Mar 1851

Note: Wife: Sally Ann [This is Sally Ann nee Shahan, 2nd wife of Matthew Shaul, married 14 May 1827 Clark Co. OH, recorded 25 Feb 1828. Matthew Shaul died 7 Apr 1851.]  Children, not in order of birth, are from both marriages [Matthew's 1st wife was Mary Botkin, married Mar 1808 Warren Co. OH]:
1. Amanda 2. Emma O. 3. William N. 4. Rosenia 5. Cinderilla
6. Saul 7.  Jeremina 8.  Bethalinda 9. Jemima 10. Lemuel
11. John 12. George 13. Sally Ann 14. Cyrus 15. Amos

In the name of the benevelent father of all I Matthew Shaul of the County of Clark and State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament In manner and form following that is to say

first it is my will that my funeral expences and my just debts be fulley paid

Secondly it is my will that my Beloved wife Salley Ann Shaul be alowed out of my personal property at my decease two Hundred dollars property or money at her option also all of my real estate and all the priviledge and appartenance thare unto belonging during her natural life time together with all the Beads beding & Beadsteads Waring appearl Cooking utentials cupboard ware Household and kitchen furnature Loom and Aperatas also all Books belonging to me Side Saddle and fowls

Thirdly I give and devise to my daughters Amanda and Emma O and my Son William N. and thare heirs at the decease of my wife Sally Ann Shaul the tract of land on which I now reside situate in pleasant Township Clark County Ohio Containing forty Six acres and 143 poles Number of Entry 8333 as recorded in Champeign County on Book C in pages 142 & 143 also twenty five[faded] acres of land in the Township and County aforesaid to be composed of two Survey to wit No 13234 and 12954 Comencing at the north east corner of Survey No 12954 it being one of the Surveys of which this is composed at two Black Walnuts and Mulbury Corner too Thomas M. Balies Survey No 5733 thence South with his line 20 degrees east forty Six (46) poles to a Stake thence South 70 degrees west eighty (80) poles to a stake thence north 20 degrees west forty six (46) poles to a stake in the south line of Colier J. Turks Survey Thence with said line North 70[78?] degrees East to the place of Begining

forthley I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Rosenia and Cinderilla fifty dollars each

Fiftley I give and bequeath unto my Son Saul & Son Jeremiah and my daughter Bethalinda and the heirs of my Daughter Jemima my Sons Lemuel John & George Sally Ann Botkin my daughter. and sons Cyrus & Amos and my Daughters Rosenia and Cinderellia all of my real estate not above stipulated to be Equealey devided at the death of my wife Sally Ann

Sixthley it is my will that my executor procede to Inventory and appraise all my personal property and Sell the same at public Sale except such items as shall be selected by my wife, and after paying my Just debts and funeral expences and the above named two hundred dollars Bequeathed to my wife also the fifty dollars bequethed to each of my daughters Rosina and Cinderella and if thare should be a defecency in the personal property to pay to the aforesaid Rosena & Cinderella each fifty Dollars therin and in that case the deficiency is to be made up out of that part of the real estate specified in the fifth Section of this Instrument and if thare be a Surplus left in the hands of my executor after Settling all necessary expences and the above Stepulated Sums it shall be equally devided among all my lawful Heirs including the Heirs of my Deceased daughter Jemima Neer Seventh and lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my neighbor Joseph W. Wisen to be the executor of this my last will and testament

In testimoney whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this twentyeth day of March in the year one thousand Eight Hundred and fifty one.

Matthew Shaul (Seal)

Signed and acknowledged by said Mathew Shaul as his last will and Testament in our presance and signed by us in his presance

C. Arbogast

H. Arbogast


State of Ohio--Clark County, Court of Common Pleas, April 28, 1851.

Personally came in open Court Henry Arbogast and Cornelius Arbogast subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of Matthew Shaul late of said county, deceased, who, being duly sworn, depose and say, that they were present at the execution of said will; that they saw the testator sign, and heard him asknowledge the same as his last will and testament, and that at the time of the execution thereof, said testator was of full age, of sound mind and memory, and not under any restraint, and that they signed the same as witnesses in the presence of the testator and at his request

Sworn to and subscribed in open Court the day and year first above written, H. Arbogast C. Arbogast

J.S. Halsey, Clerk


The State of Ohio)

Clark County ) SS

We the undersigned do make solmn oath that we will truley honestly and impartially appraise the estate and property that may be exhibeted to us belonging to the estate of Mathew Shaul Deceased and perform the other duties required by law of us in the premises as appraisors & according to the best of our Knowledge and ability. Jno. H. Castrall, Sam'l Conway, Henry Arbogast

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of May in the year 1851 Jas Wilkison J.P.

We the undersigned appraisors of the estate and property of Mathew Shaul Deceased after being duly sworn have made on inventory and apparaisment thare of as follows:
1 _____________ 10.25 1 waggon 12.00
1 drawing knives .37 1 Grind-stone 1.00
1 Sieve .25 1 Bar-shear plough 3.00
1 Iron-wedge .25 1 Barrel pie-pork taken by widdow 9.00
1 Auger___ & Boodle .10 1 Lot Hams taken by widdow 3.75
1 Double Tree & shovel plough .50 1 Lot Buck-whear .62
1 Corn cutter & _____ Iron .10 1 Sheep Skin .10
2 Buck-Ban__ .37 1 Can & ________taken by widdow .75
1 Claw Hammer .25 1 Crot? Tub taken by widdow .21
1 Half bushel .37 1 Barrel & Salt taken by widdow .62
1 Lot old Iron .13 1 Meat Tub & Barrel taken by widdow .25
1 Lot _______ & Harness .37 1 Soap & board taken by widdow .75
1 Lot Bretches .50 1 Cider barrel taken by widdow .13
1 Chair .25 1 Barrel & Apple tubs taken by widdow 2.00
1 Apple pealer   .10 1 Bee stand taken by widdow 2.00
1 pitch fork   .25 1 Lot corn taken by widdow 12.50
10 Bags 1.25 1 Ax taken by widdow   .50
1 Sythe   .50 1 Wind-mill  7.00
2 Hoiss??taking by widow   .30 1 Cutting Box  3.00
1 farrow & sled  2.00 1 Man's saddle  3.00
1 Lot oats  2.00 1 Grubing hoe    .75
1 Shovel plough & Strether    .35 1 Lot wheat Sup to be 7 acres 1/3rd 12.50
2 Lot wheat Sup to be 7 acres 1/3rd 11.50 3 Lot wheat Sup to be 9 acres 1/3rd 15.00
4 Lot on two parcels Sap.d to be 2 1/2 acres  5.00 1 Sorrel Horse taking by widdow 40.00
1 Bay Mare ??    .10 8 Yearlings Calves @ 6 1/2 52.00
28 Sheep 40.00 1 Cow & Calf (red) 10.00
1 do & Calf (brown) taking by widdow 15.00 1 do pale red 14.00
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