KITCHEN, ISAAC (sent in by Sue Ridenhour) LDS Film #466666, Pgs. 364-5

In the name of the benevolent father of us all, I Isaac Kitchen of the county of Clark and state of Ohio do make and publish this mylast will and testament. .

Item first. I herebywill and bequeath to my beloved wife all my personal property (except so muchof it as it may require to pay my honest debts) to have and dispose of as she may ? best for the benefit of herself and children.

Item second. Ihereby will and bequeath to my beloved wife the entire controll of the proceedsof all my real estate, to rent or work as she may think most profitable forherself and children during her natural life.

Item third. I dohereby appoint my beloved wife executrix of my estate personal & real andhereby empower her to dispose of part or all my personal property if necessaryto pay my debts or for the benefit of her and children. I also appoint her guardian of our childrento do by them as she thinks I would if alive and as she may deem best for theirpresent and future happiness.

Item 4th. At the death of my wife I do hereby will and devise that my real estateand so much of the personal property as may be left be sold at public sale orotherwise as may be deemed best and equally divided among my children Except my son Edward whom I will and deviseto have one fifth more than any other one of the heirs. In testimony of the virtue and legality ofthis my last will and testament I do hereby set my hand and seal this third dayof January 1849. Signed Isaac Kitchen. Witnesses Abraham Kitchen, James Hatfield.

Probated 17th day of April A.D. one thousandeight hundred and forty nine, at a special session of the Court of Common Pleasof said county, at the Court House in Springfield.