FOLEY, ABASALOM, (sent in by Keith Hays)

Will of Absalom FOLEY

I Absalom FOLEY of Clark County Ohio, being of full age, and sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows, to wit:

1st. It is my will, and I do direct, that all my just debts & charges against me, ne paid out of my estate, so soon after my death as may be convenient and proper-

2nd. It is my will, and I do hereby give and devise to my daughter Louisa TROTTER, for and during her natural lifetime, the use, occupation, and enjoyment, of the following Real Estate, being all of the Real Estate now owned by me, to wit: Situate in Moorfield Township, Clark County, Ohio, and being the South East Quarter of Section No 7 Township No 5, in Range No. 10 MRS - Also a Tract or parcel, of Twenty acres of land, part of the North West Quarter of Section No. 1, Same Township & Range as aforesaid -: Beginning at the S.W. corner if said quarter section; thence East 100 poles to a stake in the line of said quarter Section; thence north 32 poles to a stake; thence West 100 poles to the West line of said Quarter Section; thence South 32 poles to the beginning - Reserving and excepting out of the first described tract a lot of one half acre of land on the east side of said quarter Section to be laid off in a convenient form so as to include the family burying ground now enclosed by a stone wall. Said half acre being reserved for use as a burying ground or graveyard, and for no other purpose - It being a condition of this devise to the said Louisa TROTTER, that she maintain and keep in good order and condition said grave yard and its enclosure during her natural life. After the death of said Louisa TROTTER, it is my will, and I direct, that the Real Estate above described be sold by my Executor, or his successor in this Trust appointed by Court. Such sale to be made at public or private sale as may seem best, and upon Terms of Credit usual in such cases, and to be made as soon after the death of said Louisa, as may be deemed prudent by said Executor, in order to realize the largest amount of money therefrom - The proceeds of said sale to be distributed to the children of said Louisa TROTTER, then in life, and to the children of such (if any) as may be dead) as {BLOT} llows: to Jane YEAZELL wife of Henry YEAZELL, the sum of five hundred dollars only, and no more; and the residue, to the other children of said Louisa TROTTER, or th{blot}legal representatives as aforesaid, in equal proportions, share and share alike.

3rd As to my personal estate, (excepting my Bank Stock), I direct that the same be converted into money by my Executor, in such manner, by private or public sale as he may think proper - My Bank Stock consisting of thirty shares of the Mad River National Bank of Springfield Ohio, I direct to be divided into three equal shares of parts {blot}of ten shares each: Each of my daughters, Louisa TROTTER, Chloe S. CLARK & Sally HARRIS, to have the right to the income and profits of one of said parts during their respective lives; and at the death of either the ten shares so enjoyed by the one dying to be converting into money,& the proceeds thereof equally divided between the children of the one dying - In case of the closing up of said Bank before the death of my said daughters, the amount realized from the several parts aforesaid to be invested in trust in some safe way by my Executor and the interest or profits thereof paid to my daughters respectfully, as aforesaid - and upon their deaths to their children aforesaid.

4th I appoint Charles M. CLARK Executor of this will; with full power and authority to execute & deliver deeds, make sales, transfers and assignments and to do and perform all things necessary to the due executions of the trusts herein - I direct that no inventory of my Estate be made or Bond be required of my Executor. I revoke all former wills by me made - and make known, that a deed of conveyance executed by me February 22, 1864, of the Real Estate herein described to said Louisa TROTTER for life & to the heirs born of her body - but which deed was never delivered, or passed out of my control; was by me this day destroyed - Witness my hand and seal this Fourth day of November A D 1872

Executed in our presence & }                     Absalom FOLEY {seal}

Acknowledged by said Testator in }
our presences as his last will & }
testament, & signed by us as }
witnesses in his presence at his request }

James S. GOODE

Thomas F. MCGREW

A-4545,  Recorded Vol 4 p. 530