CLICK, LYDIA (Sent in by Carolyn Whitaker )
Documents supplied by Thelma Tomlinson
Transcribed by Carolyn Whitaker


Executors: John Perrin and John Best
Witnesses: Saul Henkle and Cooper Ludlow

Lydia Betz Click was the wife of John Click, son of Christian Click
Application for Letters of Administration, State of Ohio, Clark County, in Probate Court, the Estate of Lydia Click, deceased; last resided in Springfield, and died on or about the 23rd day of April 1879 leaving:
E. Click (Emanual)
Mrs. E(lizabeth) Roe
Mrs. Lydia Albin
John J. Click
Mary Ann Roler
Ann Hamer of Clark Co and
Mrs. Joseph Roler (Catherine Click) and the minor children of ___(no name listed) of the State of Indiana, her heirs at law and said decendent died leaving no will to affiants knowledge.

Personal estate $350.00
John F. Walter, Administrator
dated 17 May 1879
John C. Miller, Probate Judge.

REF: CLARK CO. OHIO - PROBATE COURT - Statement of Securities for the payment of moneys, and other debts and accounts belonging to said deceased  Total = $115.00
Name of Debtor Claim Date of Claim When Due Sum Originally payable Sum prob Collectable
John J. Click Note Jan 12 1878 after date $32 Doubtful
Emanuel Click Note Nov 11 1878 after date $30
Emanuel Click Order $  6
Jacob Fetter Note May 3, 1877 $33 Doubtful
J. H. Seaton   Rent due to May 1, 1879 $  4
Franklin Dent Rent due to May 1, 1879 $10


Of Goods and Chattles belonging to the estate of Lydia Click, deceased. Sold at Public Auction by John F. Walter Administrator, of said estate on the sixth day of June, A.D. 1879
Wm Roe 1 pot, 10
Lydia Albin Skillet, 10
A. Eglinger Book, 10
Wm Roe Book and pan, 05
Wm Roller Hoes, 05
John Click dish, 05
Lydia Albin bucket, 25
Ann Hamer sive, 05
John Click pan, 05
" " Sundries, 05
" " Jug, 05
" " basket and sundries, 05
" " 4 clocks 12
Ann Hamer 2 hand irons 60
John Click 3 chains 15
Wm Roe Barrell & contents 15
Ann Hamer Basket and contents, 05
John Click table, 30
Lydia Albin glass dish, 05
Mary Humberger spoons and pitcher, 10
Alex Click 5 tumblers, 25
Wm Roe 2 goblets, 30
Mary Humberger 1 glass pitcher, 10
Wm Roller sugar bowl, 45
John Click salt stand, 06

Lydia Click was the daughter of Emanuel Click and Martha Jane Albin. Emanuel is son of John Click and Lydia Betz

LETTER 9th Sept 1884 Springfield

To John C. Miller, Judge of the Probate Court
Dear Sir:
Please appoint my brother Frank Click as my guardian.
(signed) Lydia Click

Application for Appointment of Guardian, In the Probate Court, State of Ohio, Clark County, in the matter of the minor of EMANUEL CLICK, deceased. The undersigned Frank Click a resident of the State of Ohio and whose post office address is Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, hereby makes application for the Guardianship of Lydia Click, aged 12 years, Oct 28, 1883. Personal Estate consisting of money, and chattles from Estate of her father, and money derived from real estate of decendent sold. Eleven hundred dollars. (Signed) Frank Click


State of Ohio,     County of Clark, Springfield      8th Sept 1884

Frank Click has this day been appointed by the Probate Court of Clark County, Ohio, Guardian of the person and estate of Lydia Click, minor child of Emanuel Click deceased, late of Clark Co. Ohio.

Guardian Bond. State of Ohio, Clark County, Third and Final Account of Frank Click Guardian of Lyda Click, 2nd day of Nov A.D. 1889 Total received $810.57 Paid to Lydia Click - she being of age $758.05 (Note: she had just turned 18 yrs old).